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Dynamic Ideas: How to Use Digital

Banks & Financial Institutions: Display up to date information regarding Checking & Savings Accounts, Car Loans, Mortgage Rates, CDs, IRAs, etc. Promote your Online Banking Service, Free Checking, Bill Pay & More! Advertise all local branches, locations and even driving directions.

Real Estate Firms: Show a different MLS listing whenever you want. Easily update price changes, listed properties, and show a gallery of sold homes. Advertise open house times and locations, builder promotions, and financing opportunities. Rental firms show various properties with pricing, promotions and community amenities.

TV/Radio/Media: News in Real Time! Deliver the latest news, weather, sports, or traffic updates easily through RSS fed data. Twitter Feeds, News Headlines, and even what’s playing on the radio at that very moment.

Cable, Internet and Cell Phone Providers: Internet, Cable, Phone pricing and bundle packages. Get the most recent price promotions up in seconds not weeks. Show various product offerings, pricings and incentives in real time.

Universities / Colleges: Promote degree programs, new course offerings, deadline dates for enrollment and more.

Car Dealers: Advertise all your dealerships brands / products. Highlight the new model’s price, special features, options, financing specials, special feature packages, rebates and incentives, inventory or year end sales, dealership events, service specials, or hot parts promotions.

Hospital & Medical Professionals: Promote awards and recognition. Highlight patient services, new technological procedures, wellness programs, etc. All doctors’ offices including dentist, optometrist, pediatricians, urgent care centers can utilize pricing updates, patient offerings, surgical procedures and more.

Community Centers and Theaters: Run a countdown of days left to a sale, concert, show or play. Broadcast show dates, times, and ticket prices.

Restaurants: Display a different daily special – everyday… automatically! Display the flavor of the day, happy hour specials, holiday brunch reservation info, new food offerings, patio dining, or immediate seating available. Advertise breakfast offerings in the morning and dinner in the evening. Soup and coffee in the winter / ice-cream in the summer, etc.

Retail Shopping: Advertise up to the minute weekend specials, holiday special hours, semi-annual sales and more. Even push cold weather inventory in the winter and swimsuits and shorts in the summer.

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