Burkett Media‚Äôs founder, Beau Burkett, saw outdoor advertising as a definite career path at an early age. His parents owned and operated several businesses while raising Beau throughout his childhood. His parents success and drive taught Beau the keys to running a successful business that gave him the inspiration to start his own company that led to Burkett Media’s formation.

While attending college at Texas State University on a golf scholarship, Beau acted on his entrepreneurial passion and started his first billboard company at the age of 18. He quickly built it up and sold for a profit just one year later. This led to the formation of Beau Burkett Media, LP (Burkett Media) in early 2003. After completion of his undergraduate degree in business management, Beau Burkett gained acceptance to and completed the pursuit of his MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Acton School of Business. Beau, now along with the help of his wife Lauren, will continue to enhance the size of Burkett Media and its offering to businesses like yours.

What We Do Best

Burkett Media takes pride in 110% customer satisfaction. After all, how can we expect to grow without satisfied advertisers and landowners? Upon our entry into the billboard industry we found a problem that needed to be addressed. Many cities and major highways throughout Texas are dominated by only one outdoor advertising company. This has led to incredibly high advertising rates and poor customer service. We target these markets and develop premium billboards on highways, interstates, and the busiest city streets. We then offer local and national businesses more affordable rates and the fastest artwork turnaround time.

What’s Burkett Media’s Plan?

Burkett Media is now more aggressive than ever and want you to be a part of it. We have the resources, knowledge, ambition and strategic plan in place to rapidly expand throughout Texas, not only in the markets we currently serve, but also in many other underserved, medium sized markets.

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