Why Go Digital?

In an increasingly digital world, sometimes print just isn’t enough to catch your audience’s attention. LED Digital Billboards are the future of out-of-home advertising. Utilizing the newest technology, Digital Displays are computer controlled electronic billboards that transmit light through the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology allowing multiple ads to run daily and change in seconds from the click of a mouse transmitted wirelessly through the internet.

Digital displays are quickly becoming the hottest medium for cost-effective, high-impact out-of-home advertising. With the ability to change your creative immediately, digital displays keep your creative up-to-the-moment and allow you to target your customers with the most time-relevant message. See our Idea Center link for a list of how many different industries and businesses can dynamically utilize Digital Billboards.

Advantages vs Traditional Vinyl Billboards?

Digital Billboards compete directly with TV, Newspaper, and Radio. Why use your advertising budget on media outlets that can be ignored? TV commercials can be ignored with the popularity of DVR, TiVo. Radio is ignored due to the both Satellite Radio and in car iPod, MP3 usage. Newspaper subscribership has rapidly declined as people turn to the web. Digital Billboards can’t be ignored! A captive audience sees our ads 24/7. Lastly, you get more bang for your buck (Outdoor has the lowest CPM available).

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